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Flip a Coin Day06/0110:00AM
Birthday Party06/0112:30PM
Owen's B-day06/014:00PM
Falmouth High School Project Grad06/0211:00PM
John Bapst High School Project Grad06/028:00PM
Winslow High School Project Grad06/059:00PM
Carrabec Community Scholl Field Day06/057:30AM
Lawrence High School Project Grad06/0610:00PM
Hussey Elementary School Field Day06/068:30AM
Presque Isle High School Project Grad06/0712:00PM
Westbrook High School Project Grad06/089:00PM
Best Friends Day06/0810:00AM
Lincoln's B-day Party06/083:30PM
Evan's B-day Party06/0812:00PM
Cony High School Project Grad 201906/098:00PM
Caribou High School Project Grad06/0912:00PM
Gorham High School Project Grad06/0910:00PM
Donald Duck Day06/0911:00AM
Mt View High Scholl Project Grad06/099:00PM
Leavitt Area Project Grad 06/098:30PM
Sanford High School Project Grad06/129:30PM
Fort Kent Elementary School06/148:30AM
Flag Day06/1410:00PM
Eamon B-day Party06/144:30PM
World Juggler's Day06/1510:00AM
Lorelei's B-Day Party06/152:00PM
Luke's Graduation Party06/161:00PM
Father's Day06/1611:00AM
Bangor High School Project Grad 06/1610:00PM
China Middle School 8th Grade Graduation Party06/1710:00AM
University of Maine at Orono Laser tag 06/2410:00PM
University of Maine at Orono Laser tag06/2510:00PM
University of Maine at Orono Laser tag06/2610:00PM
University of Maine at Orono Laser tag06/2710:00PM
International Body Piercing Day/Paul Bunyan Day06/2810:00AM
Kennebec Chamber MIll Park Fun Day06/2911:00AM
Mapleton Daze06/2911:00AM
Meteor Day06/3011:00AM
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About G-force Laser Tag:

To start off I would like to tell you a little about myself and our company. I have been around Laser Tag since the late 80’s, and over the years I have owned 3 youth based businesses including G-force Laser Tag. We have had events ranging from birthday parties, fairs, camps, rec. centers, corporate team building events and laser tag at resorts just to name a few. We are a member of MYCA, MRPA, ILTA (International Laser Tag Association), OLTA (Outdoor Laser Tag Association) and I am the official spokesperson for the OLTA which is a division of ILTA.

What is G-Force Laser Tag?
G-Force Laser Tag is best described as if you're playing a video game except you are playing IN The Game, For Real!!!

It challenges players with games of increasing skill and strategy. This is not a sit down, couch potato game; you are playing against real people. Any age can play even if you are in your 80's.

This game will teach you how to play in a team environment and will build self-confidence through interactive play. It's also just plain FUN!!!

We are able to operate indoors or outdoors with a tagger range of 1,800 feet. However there are few differences between the two. Indoors we typically use only man made obstacles, and we are able to add fog for some enhanced laser effects. Outdoors we like to use more natural obstacles when possible. Personally I like playing in any environment, it's just darn fun. We believe it would be best to have us indoors in case of rain.

What makes us unique?
We can play either outside in an area as large as 1 square mile or as small as 3,000 sq ft; woods are a great option, but a field works just as well. Inside we need an area about 3,000 sq ft (50'x60' or 40'x75') but can play in a building as big as 25,000 sq ft plus. These options provide more range than an inflatable arena. We can also reconfigure our arena design, keeping things fresh for repeat players.

We DJ our events and offer a great variety of music, and when in an enclosed tent or inside a building we include fog which adds another dimension and it makes the lasers visible too.

Our goal is to provide kids from 4-94 years of age with the best experience they can have, so, to that end, we are very flexible with our game selection, music selection and anything else we need to do to provide a truly memorable experience.

Our bouncing, jousting arena is great fun. It's very large at 26' x26' the kids love to try their skills against each other.


G-force Laser Tag Maine

In this ultimate adventure, You Don't Just Play The Game, You're in it For Real!