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Maine Maritime Academy09/014:00PM
Loring Job Corps 09/154:00PM
Maine Maritime Academy09/1610:30AM
Lukas 6th B-day09/1712:30PM
Anson After SChool Program09/213:00PM
Kathadin Valley Heath Center Fair09/231:30PM
Aj & Ben's 10th Birthday09/242:00PM
Gabriel's 17th B-Day09/244:00PM
Cumberland Fair09/2712:00PM
Cumberland Fair09/2812:00PM
Cumberland Fair09/2912:00PM
Old Town River Fest09/3011:00AM
Cumberland Fair 201709/3010:00AM
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What is G-force Laser Tag?

G-force Laser Tag, the most technologically advanced laser game ever seen. Laser tag is an action-packed challenge of cunning, stealth, and skill. G-force Laser Tag,s fully interactive entertainment concept has proven to appeal to everyone from the age of 5 to 75. Five and Six year olds can play with a parent or guardian. The game itself combines the ever-popular games of hide and seeks, tag, and capture the flag with state-of-the-art interactive computer and laser technology, creating an exhilarating experience you won't soon forget.

Players split into two color coded teams Red & Green, suited up in G-force's high tech sensor vest and laser taggers can play in the arena. Players enter the surreal, futuristic environment that is enhanced by special effects, schizophrenic lighting, and electronic-techno sounds with hopes of taking over the opposing team's base and tagging as many players as possible with their laser beams along the way.

Just as video games evolved from the primordial ooze of "Pong" to the visually stunning and extremely complex games we are witnessing today, G-force is advancing on the technology front. Through a variety of game options, G-force, which is best described as "like getting inside a video game", challenges players with games of increasing skill and strategy. This keeps the regulars interested in the game, provides the occasional player with a wide array of options and games to try out, and maintain G-force's reputation as,

Call us today at (207) 227-5562 speak with a G-Force Laser Tag representative and schedule the BEST Birthday Party or Special Event on this planet!!

Also Available Corporate Outings, Fund Raising, Adventure Camp, Team Building Events, Grad Nights, Youth Center Activities, Family Get-Togethers, Fairs, and Special Events or Just Plain Laser Tag Fun!!!.

Remember We Travel Anywhere On Our Planet For Laser Tag Events.

 G-force Laser Tag